GreenSpeed Into the Future

GreenSpeed Into the Future…
The Future of Heating Efficiency

Carrier has had another breakthrough in smart efficiency. It’s called GreenSpeed™ intelligence, and it turbo-charges the efficiency of the Infinity® 98 gas furnace.

If you already have a Carrier gas furnace to heat your home, you know how quiet and efficient they are. GreenSpeed allows the Infinity control that runs the furnace to gather information about your home’s energy use, your comfort needs, even the outside temperature, and then use what it knows to run the heating system in a way that maximizes comfort while minimizing energy use. For example, a furnace that’s controlled by GreenSpeed intelligence tends to run at lower speeds for longer periods of time, which keeps your rooms more comfortable with quieter operation, using less
gas all the while.

With the introduction of GreenSpeed technology, the Infinity 98 furnace now offers a model that is the highest efficiency furnace available to homeowners, with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating up to 98.5%. That means the furnace converts up to 98.5% of all gas it burns into heat—wasting almost no fuel. And the Infinity 98 furnace also comes in a model that is the quietest furnace on the market. Go, GreenSpeed!

If you’re thinking of replacing your current furnace, or if you’–re just sick of the costs associated with your old, inefficient heater, give us a call today. We’re really excited about the energy savings and smart operation of the new Infinity 98 furnace with GreenSpeed intelligence, and we will be glad to tell you more about how it works and how much you can save.

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