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Cold or Hot…Your ductwork is leaking!

Did you know
that as much as half of your home energy costs are from your heating and cooling system?  And that a house with leaky ductwork can leak up to 350 cubic feet per minute?

It’s a fact!
As the weather gets warmer or colder, you will be using your air conditioner or furnace a lot more and , on average, 30¢ of every $1 spent of heating and cooling is lost to leaky ducts.  The amount of air would fill the entire Goodyear® blimp in just 4 days!

Watch the video below that explains how Aeroseal works and for more information go to click here.

Here’s 5 reasons to get your ducts sealed:

1. Sick of uncomfortable rooms?  Eliminate those pesky rooms in your home that are hard to heat yet impossible to cool!

2. Improve indoor air quality – reduce dirt, dust, and debris.

3. Reduce home energy costs!

4. Correct ventilation problems.

5. Aeroseal duct sealing is one of the most energy saving things you can do – 2 times as effective as new windows, and 5 times more effective than insulating (Department of Energy).

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Below is a testimonial from one of AA Service Co‘s customer’s that had the Aeroseal duct sealing done in his home:

I just wanted to provide some initial feedback on the Aeroseal process.

  1. There is a noticeable increase in airflow through the supplies, and I think that there is increased flow through the exhaust vents.  I am not certain if the increased flow in the exhausts is due to more air being pushed out by the supplies or the fan pulling more air back through the exhausts.
  2. There is a significant improvement in the ability of the circulating fan to keep the temperature constant between the first and second floors when the AC is not active.  There used to be a 2-3 degree difference in the temperature between the first and second floor.  When the temperature was in the upper 80s last week, there was only a 1 degree difference.  Also, the basement is noticeably warmer, so I am not losing as much cooling into the basement.
  3. The work qualified for the maximum $500 rebate.

Eric S.

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